The story of my Bendix Eclipse SMD

One would think that by March 17 one wouldn't have to worry about traveling in a snow storm more typical of January. Yet here it is, March 17, 2007 and we just received about an 8-inch snowfall courtesy of old man winter. Now I had been waiting for seven weeks to go and get a glimpse at this little motor and had been delayed on more than one occasion due to past snow storms at the hand of old man winter. Well today, I would not be detered. I might have been slowed as it took me over 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach my destination, but I made it in one piece.

Now the owner, John, was very understanding and even took the time to show me photos of him, his uncle, and his grandpa out on the lake with the motor. We chatted for a short time about the motor, its age, and history. He told me he brought it with him when he moved here in 1949 and the latest the motor was used would've been 1950. After that, in has been in a corner of a garage for the last 57 years. With a little cleaning up, the motor should be representative of a very nice original.

As I completed my six county, 238 mile trip, this little motor was just another little reminder of why I enjoy this hobby, the thrill of the hunt.

Below are the pictures of my Bendix Eclipse SMD:

Above photos circa 1945 just after WWII
The above photo's were taking 3/18/07.